Tips while Pumping Gas

Gas_StationFor anyone who owns a car, filling up the tank is a necessary task, although it may be painful to the wallet. While it may have become second nature or habitual to most vehicle owners to only fill up the tank when it’s empty, this is not always the most economical choice.


What many people don’t realize is that there actually can be a difference in your gas consumption depending on how full your tank is and the condition that the car is in. It is not always about distances traveled. There are even ways to save up on your gas spending by simply picking the right time of day to fill up. As many people are not aware of these things, I will give you a few tips to keep in mind the next time you pump gas.


  • Always check your tire pressure. If your tire pressure is low, your car ends up having to work a little extra to be able to move along. This extra effort affects your gas. Try to make sure your tire pressure is always as it should be to avoid this extra use of gas.


  • Fill up every half tank. The more air that is in your tank as the gas gets used up, the more your gas evaporates. While many tanks already have provisions to avoid evaporation, it is always good to be sure. If your tank is always on the fuller side, then you can help avoid the rapid evaporation.


  • Pump gas in the mornings or nights. This tip is backed by the physics concept of heat. As something gets warmer, it expands, and this is the same for gasoline. If you load your gas in the afternoon, the gas will have expanded from the heat, making it seem as if there is more volume; however, come night time, it will go back to its original form. Therefore, it is best to load in the morning or night, while there is no heat from the sun. This way, you really get the amount of gas you spend for.


  • Try not to stay in an empty or critically low tank for a long time. If you keep driving around while your tank is low, then you will actually end up losing more gas. When the tank is around one-fourth full or less, your car works less efficiently, leading to a greater waste in gasoline.


  • Avoid pumping gas while the truck is there to refill the station’s supply. These trucks often carry dirt and sludge, which can set at the bottom of the container. If you fill up while the truck is there, chances are that you will get that dirt and sludge into your engine, which will ruin it in the long run.


  • Try to go for long trips instead of several spaced out short ones. If you keep starting the car with a cold engine, even with several shorter trips, you will end up losing more gas than you would on a continuous trip. If you have to go do errands, do all of them while you are out and avoid parking long enough to get the engine cold.


These are general rules if you are manually pumping your own gas to your tank.


shutterstock_70444945Tips for Clerks Working On A Gas Station


  • Make sure that you won’t allow any spill of gas as you pump into the customer’s tank.
  • Always observe healthy precautionary measures to avoid any unwanted accidents.
  • Make sure you wear the proper attire or uniform as you do your tasks.
  • Be courteous enough to deliver your services.


Make sure that when you refuel your automobiles, you are getting the right type of gas for your engine. You can always ask the clerks for some advice. The most important thing is when you pump any gas, be certain that it is clean so it could not cause any troubles in your everyday ride.

Health and Safety Tips for Gas Station Clerks

Health and Safety Tips for Gas Station ClerksEveryone knows that there are several risks involved in gas stations since gasoline is highly flammable. One visit to a gasoline station and you will already see numerous signs advising you about what to do and what not to do if you are filling up your gasoline tanks.

Often times, people do not realize that those are not the only guidelines involved in keeping one safe at a gas station. Those signs are just for those who are filling up their car, but those who stay behind and actually work at gas stations have much more to think about.


These people stay there all throughout their shift and are exposed to many risks, not just those of possible combustion. Below you may find a detailing of a few tips and suggestions for gas station clerks to ensure safety and better health in the workplace.


  • Avoid smoking and lighting of flames when near the gasoline.

This is a well known safety guideline already, but it is still worth mentioning.


  • Be wary of static electricity, which can spark a fire.

This sounds like something too fantastical to happen, but there are actual cases of this occurring. However, it is more common in places with very cool or very dry climate conditions. Before touching the nozzle, one should be sure to touch another metal object first to discharge any possible static build up.


  • Be familiar with the emergency guidelines in the event of a spillage or a fire.

One should really be trained on this, because the gas station clerk will be the one responsible if ever anything does happen, and they are usually unsupervised.


  • Ensure that you know how to manipulate all of the equipment available, and also know how to repair them.

The gas station clerk often do not have anyone to supervise them, so you should ensure that you know how to handle everything. This way, accidents may be avoided, benefiting the well-being of the employees and customers.

  • Ensure that you are trained to handle possible violent encounters with thieves or robbers.

Both unarmed and armed robberies of gas stations are not uncommon, especially if there is only one clerk there late at night and the gas station is in a more remote place. If you are ever working by yourself, make sure you are equipped enough to prevent or deal with any kind of robbery.

  • Ensure that your security system exists and works.

Robbers are less likely to attack places that have good security systems, since they do not want to be identified or caught. By having these safety hazards in check, you will greatly prevent the chances of theft and a possible threat to your life.

  • Lastly, be wary of your exposure to gasoline.

While the theory of prolonged exposure to gasoline leading to increasing levels of benzene in the system and therefore illnesses has been debunked, there are still health effects if one comes into constant physical contact with gasoline. Inhalation does not have as much bad effect, however, it will still cause irritation inside your body.


As gas station clerk, you would have many responsibilities to handle and most of the times, all by yourself. It is important that you are highly skilled in almost all aspects so if some unwanted circumstances occur, you would not panic and could avoid unwanted accidents. It is important that you should secure that you are in good health condition as you perform your duties, as well as make it sure that you are safe within the premises.

How To Get Used To Working The Night Shift

gas-station2Working on a night shift could be a huge challenge in your body clock, that is why most experts would say that this kind of job is not for everyone. Other people are very certain that they tend to be more productive when they work at night and even claimed that they are night owls or the nocturnal species. However, when it is a job that is demanding your time to be fully awake at night, wherein your full commitment of effort is required, it is a lot different story.

Thankfully, there are already many people nowadays who are successful and happy doing their jobs on a night shift. Therefore, if others can make it possible, then of course, you can, too! The big question now is how you could get used to it, without compromising your work performance.

  1. Head Start

If your boss told you that you are working on a night shift on Monday, make sure to change your sleeping and eating schedule on Saturday and Sunday. This would give your whole body system an orientation of the upcoming new work schedule. You can do this at home, wherein you need to work on something at night, even not the same duration with your shift, and sleep in daytime.


This might cause conflicts with your family time. Therefore, it is important that you inform them of your new schedule. You can spend breakfast together, which is now your dinner time. Just explain to them that your work demands your evenings.


  1. Make Sure to Get Healthy Sleep

One of the most issues of night shift workers is how to sleep well, when everyone is awake. Accept the nature of your job that when the whole world is awake, you still need to get a healthy sleep. No matter how you struggle to make it happen, make sure that you sleep in the normal duration you are sleeping at night before.

Make your room quiet and dark. This would give you a favorable ambiance wherein you could sleep comfortably. As long as your family or housemates are aware of your work schedule, they could also cooperate in making the place quiet and comfortable. You can install dark curtains in your place or room when needed. Never sacrifice a good sleep because not having it could mess up your work performance and more importantly your health.

  1. Eat Regularly and Eat Healthy

Many night shift workers tend to eat too much and grab unhealthy foods. This is actually a trap that could lead you to damaging effects. Do not make your job be the reason of stress and unwanted ailments because you can always have the other options on how you could get a healthy body, even if you work at not the regular time.

You can avoid overeating if you could pack your meals ahead. This gives you more freedom to choose healthier foods to eat. By doing this, you are fueling your entire body with the right kind and amount of foods, thus, saving yourself from any health risks.

  1. Exercise Regularly

When you are working late, that does not mean that you are always tired. Especially, if you have already adjusted to your new schedule. Therefore, this does not give you any excuse in doing a regular exercise. You need to maintain a health lifestyle and number one on the list is exercising. This could help you relieve yourself from the stress of your job. You could also maintain a good mental and physical health once you dedicate some of your time sweating and performing workout routines.

It is true that you would have a huge adjustment in almost all aspects in your life once you work on a night shift, but this does not allow you to make yourself suffer. You could still get a healthy life once you followed the tips mentioned above. It might take a while before you could adapt to your new schedule, but little by little, you will get used to it.

Set your mind for the approaching changes!